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Kosambi Reading and Analysis Circle

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Who We Are

We are a reading, writing, research, analysis, and discussion circle for multi-tendency socialist theory. 

Originally founded in Bombay on 28th January 2020, our circle has now grown to include members from across the globe weighing in on discussions remotely. Since socialist theory is our primary area of interest we read writers from across the political spectrum to better our understanding of Socialism. 


Read through our detailed description and FAQ to learn more.

Email us at to learn more.

Join the Circle

Hello prospective member!


Make certain you have read our detailed description and FAQ and know who we are before applying to join via the application form below.

Any information you enter into this form will be treated confidentially and only used to ascertain your existence. It will only be available to the administration of the circle and erased if you ever leave the circle.

The information received through this form will be kept confidential, and is for logistical purposes only. All applications will be responded to within a month. We thank you for your patience in case of delays.

Thanks for submitting!

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