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Art Caucus

The study of art and culture is the study of the essential human substance of society, and the Art and Culture caucus, therefore, attempts to be an open and expansive place well suited to the discussion of such a vital subject.


The Art and Culture caucus understands art as an object with a socially recognised aesthetic value that serves as a mode of reflecting or remarking on society: a sophisticated instrument of commentary whose potential to unite and influence may be understated but never forgotten.


Art as propaganda or inspiration is simply a tool amongst many others to catalyse revolution and this caucus seeks to understand how its ability to serve as a catalyst and propaganda tool can be maximised by the left and theorise how it can be used better.


It defines culture as the material, intellectual, and social productions (also known as art) of a given society, combined with social forms and customs - rituals, mores, norms, systems of currency and measurement - and all the social relations and hierarchies between them and therefore deems the understanding of culture crucial for all dedicated socialist.

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