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  • Are the virtual meets a pandemic measure, what happens once it passes?"
    Even before the pandemic, our physical meets had a virtual component. However, given our present numbers, physical meets will be executed through city chapters, while circle meetings will continue as is.
  • How does such a large reading circle read together without becoming a seminar?
    There are broad thematic monthly readings which are led by individual or panels. But the circle is also federated into smaller circles of 50 people each which meet by themselves and discuss things like conventional study circles. Also, the smaller focus groups within the circle (called caucuses) are egalitarian, led by volunteers, and run parallel to monthly readings so focussed discussions happen independent of broader discussions.
  • You have been meeting for many months and I am intimidated by the backlog? Or I don't even know how to begin socialist theory?
    There is a 101 school within the circle to introduce you to theory, and also help you catch up with previous material. Once brought up to speed, some self study should be possible. There are written notes and voice notes for a lot of the previous material covered as well.
  • Are you connected to a party? Are you truly multi tendency? Are you okay with non socialists joining?
    No. Yes. Yes, as long as socialist priors are not debated, your engagement is in goodfaith, and your politics universalist. We welcome non socialists (yes we have liberals and Ambedkarites in our ranks) because we do want people to know what socialism is. But there is a clear ideological program we have, and you should be aware of that before asking to join.
  • What do you NOT not tolerate? Are there people you might kick out just for their ideas?
    We do not tolerate bigotry, essentialism, vulgar idpol, ethnonationalism (this is a big one as other left spaces tolerate this and we do not), and anything which privileges "authenticity" over rigour and reason We do not condone apologia of oppression. Repressive acts of states including ones considered or labeled leftist or anti-imperialist, are to be critically investigated and not cavalierly defended. Also, we do not accept broad strokes and both sideism without due diligence as there is a lot of anticommunist propaganda. Priors like ending of exploitation of labour, all humans being valid with revolutionary potential and deserving justice, etc., are undebatable. Needless to say if you harm another member you will be asked to leave.
  • This seems biased and partisan! Why are you partisan?
    Yes we are partisan. Its in the name. It is a socialist circle meant for socialist theory. We explain the theory, we do not debate the priors. Politics isn't a bunch of misunderstandings we can clear up if people sat around and talked. Politics is resolution of irreconcilable ideas of how the world should run. Having said that as long as you're interested in learning what socialism is, we welcome you
  • Is the circle democratic?
    No it is not. However, in January 2021 on its first anniversary it will start processes to refine and democratise its internal systems and leadership. The circle aspires to be democratic. Having said that there are mechanisms for feedback within the circle.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Contact us, we will answer.
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