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Food Caucus

The Kosambi Food Caucus recognises the revolutionary potential of science and technology in tackling food insecurity, climate change, and the complicated ethics of consumption.


To that effect, we will discuss how the science of nutrition and cooking functions - the chemistry behind using fire, time, spices, etc.


We will speak of nutrition - what it is, how much of our present understanding of it is based on unbiased (if it is possible at all) research, and how much of it to feed a capitalist mode of production.


We will speak about certain popular ideas - what are nutritious elements, what is a balanced diet, why are there almost an equal number of obese and undernourished people in the world, why are humans under poverty prone to both obesity and undernourishment, do we ‘need’ certain types of food and diets, are certain cuisines problematic and are we ‘evolved’ for certain types of food, among other things. 

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