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Caste Caucus

"I do not believe that we can build up a free society in India so long as there is a trace of this ill-treatment and suppression of one class by another. Believing as I do in a socialist ideal, inevitably I believe in perfect equality in the treatment of various classes and groups. I think that Socialism offers the only true remedy for this as well as other problems."

- Dr B.R. Ambedkar


The Kosambi Caste Caucus intends to visibilise caste.


It aims to sharpen the understanding of how caste functions and reproduces itself in 'modern India.'


The institution, at least in India, has its tentacles rooted in all spheres, and its effects are intermingled with all categories of analysis.

However, it is insidious, which makes it harder to refine and grasp.

More importantly, it makes it hard to recognise its deep-seated functionings.


Any Marxist or socialist politics has to undertake active anti-caste struggles, and our aim is to sharpen the ways in which it can be done.


In the caucus, readings are released on Mondays and discussed either virtually or on text at the end of the week.

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