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Political Economy Caucus

The Political Economy caucus will focus on Marxian political economy and Marx’s critique of political economy.


These are the primary questions that we are interested in exploring:


  • What is capitalism and what are the specific features that set it apart from other historical forms of economic organization?

  • Why do the dynamics of capital accumulation result in inequality, persistent unemployment and poverty, automation, and imperialist oppression?

  • What causes economic crises, and are they inevitable or can economies grow indefinitely with the right policies?

  • How have the conditions of capital accumulation shifted and what are the resulting implications for class struggle?

  • How does capitalism set the stage for communism, and what might that transition look like?

  • What does this all mean in light of catastrophic climate change and how should we evaluate the Green New Deal?


Apart from asking these questions, we are also interested in critically examining the discipline of economics, including both mainstream and heterodox approaches, from a Marxist perspective.

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