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Science Caucus

This caucus was formed to understand and produce Science and Technology.


It will:

  • Address foundational assumptions and epistemologies

  • Discuss how science is funded and produced in society

  • How it is used and abused

  • How it evolved through various class societies

  • How science is and was taught, and what it could become in socialism and post-work


This is in keeping with the circle's aim to uncover the revolutionary potential of science in liberation of the toiling masses and the potential of science liberated itself.

The search for truth is fundamental to a socialist understanding of reality, and thus science must mean something quite different in socialism than just yet another tool to produce surplus and this caucus will explore the ways and means to liberate the search for truth.


In class society, Science has not just been abused and perverted, it been the privilege of the ruling class and often a tool of imperialism, inequality, and class domination, and thus the caucus aims to do more than study the interactions of science and society, it aims to change these interactions tactically by altering the framework through pragmatic action.

Read more about the Science and Technology Caucus here

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